About Us

We are Wood & Wire, a small team of designers and craftsmen who are fanatical about quality.  We design and manufacture mid century inspired, bespoke plywood kitchens and furniture with modern living in mind: creating work with longevity, style and long-term value built in, and doing whatever we can to challenge the flat-packed, mass-produced, throw-away thinking we see around us.

Because we’re slightly obsessed with materials and attention to detail, we’re the first to admit that we get a bit funny when something’s half a degree out or 1mm proud.  Our customers wouldn’t have it any other way, because it means our kitchens and furniture perform brilliantly and feel as good as they look. It also means our creations stand the test of time, surviving life’s everyday wear and tear and lasting generations to come.

So, whether you know what you want or you’d like some help deciding, if you’re looking for an original piece of furniture or a beautiful bespoke kitchen, then we’re pretty sure we can help.  Just ask.