About Us

We’re Wood & Wire, a small team of designers and craftspeople with a big yet simple vision. The big bit: we want to create the most beautiful bespoke plywood kitchens, furniture and upholstery money can buy. The simple bit: we want the only impact of our work to be on our happy customers and busy local workforce, not the environment.
We design and make our products right here in beautiful Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Inspired by modernism and fanatical about quality, everything we create has contemporary living at its heart. A big part of that is being mindful that our planet really matters, which is why everything we build is built to last. From the materials we use and the timelessness of our designs through to the way we obsess about millimeters – our work is a million miles from disposable. Our clients wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Values

Our plywood kitchens and furniture are timeless, not fashion-led. For us, the most important thing is to create an interior our clients will love to live with for years to come. Our work is unique to each brief, too, so you’ll never see two Wood & Wire kitchens quite the same. Instead, we design meticulously for the spaces we’re given, and finish every piece in the colours and veneers our customers really crave.
Want a special cupboard for your vacuum, or a drawer just for tea? Perhaps a catbed to match your open shelving, or a Biarritz sunset over your sink? We’ve met all of these briefs over the years, and dozens more like them. That’s because we know that no trend or fashion can ever satisfy as well – or for as long – as a truly bespoke creation. By sweating the small stuff, and by taking customers on a personalised journey that reflects their unique lives, we’re making much more than just kitchens and furniture. We’re helping make memories too.

We’re fanatical about quality. Did we mention that yet? In our plywood kitchens and furniture, we do whatever we can to challenge the flat-packed, mass-produced, throwaway thinking we see all around us.  It matters to us that everything we make performs brilliantly and feels as good as it looks, and it also really matters that our creations stand the test of time, surviving everyday life’s wear and tear for generations to come. We select our materials, finishes, appliances and accessories with this firmly in mind.

As modern manufacturers, our craft these days isn’t just limited to hand tools and traditional techniques. Don’t get us wrong, we do still use them, but today we also reap the rewards of computer aided design and CNC machining. Technologies like these are helping us achieve incredible things, like new shapes, tighter tolerances, and ultra-low waste levels we could only dream of in the past. We’re growing our knowledge too, by nurturing and investing in the talented people who’ve joined us over the years, and also by learning a thing or two from them. From our youngest apprentice or the guy on the CNC, right through to the person who fits our kitchens, everyone’s lifelong learning is important to us.
As a manufacturing business built on making things, we care just as much about our employees and their life-long learning as we do about the quality of our product. As far as we’re concerned, it’s pretty impossible to do one without the other. Our manufacturing team strikes the perfect balance between time-served master craftsmen and apprentices hungry for knowledge. We’re very proud of all of our team, and we’re particularly chuffed that so far we’ve been able to give full-time employment to every single one of our trainees. We also encourage our makers to continue their learning throughout their time with us, and we give them the creative freedom to design and make their own products too.

Our Mission

Make beautiful things but do less harm.
Our goal is simple: create kitchens and furniture so stunning, timeless and long-lasting that it never gets replaced.

So, if you’re looking for an original piece of furniture or a beautiful bespoke kitchen, then we’re pretty sure we can help.  Just ask.