Wood & Wire Commercial

If you’re looking for a commercial furniture manufacturer, you’ve come to the right place.

At Wood & Wire we’re all about interiors – every single aspect of them.  From starting out as cabinetmakers and furniture designers, we’ve spent many years expanding our specialist skills, and now we add designer-fitting and interior planning to the list.  We’ve already worked on a range of commercial projects across the UK, and we’ve more than proved that we understand the special challenges and different priorities it takes to excel at this kind of work.

Today, we’ve got a clear understanding of how to get the very best from any given space, from the floor you walk on to the lights above you and everything in between.    More than that, we think colour, texture and finish are every bit as important as functionality, which is why we never compromise on either.  And because we design and manufacture our own plywood furniture too, we bring design continuity and consistency of finish to every job we do, leaving you with unique spaces as great looking as they are easy and satisfying to use.

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