HOLMEGAARD Cabernet Champagne Glass (Set of 6)

HOLMEGAARD Cabernet Champagne Glass (Set of 6)

The Holmegaard Champagne Glass in Peter Svarrer's Cabernet range has been created to enhance the bubbly experience of our favourite festive drink. Whether you are thinking of a champagne brunch, are popping corks for a special occasion or just want to celebrate an ordinary working day. Remember that champagne must be poured carefully along the inside of the glass to retain as much taste and as many bubbles as possible. The range also includes glasses for different types of wine, beer, aquavit and brandy as well as a wine carafe.

Diameter:7 cm
Height:27.2 cm
Volume:29 cl
Please note:
We recommend washing glasses at a temperature of max. 55° C.