The Carneys Kitchen

The Carney’s galley kitchen started out as an awkward scheme with a terrible use of its already limited space. We worked alongside them in their mid-70’s home to recreate something more in keeping with its period, and designed this mid century style kitchen. We gave a nod to the house’s era by using a walnut veneer on one side, but we maintained a modern feel to the kitchen by combining it with orange and white laminate, which didn’t just refresh the scheme but gave it some modernity too. We used every inch of space, spanning over and across the hob area with a full range of storage cupboards, and providing the client with two areas of open shelving which offer mini work stations for coffee and toast-making activities, but without taking up any of the limited work surface.
Even inside the plywood carcass of the cupboards, we increased storage capacity by making use of half shelves, and this allowed for smaller items to be stored at the back of the cupboards without the need for stacking them on top of those already inside.
Outside the kitchen, we were delighted to continue our work through to the dining area with some gorgeous walnut veneer panel work on the walls, together with matching pocket doors in keeping with the mid-century modern style in the kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets - Walnut Veneered Birch Plywood | Worktop - Corian
Open Shelving Units - Orange and White Coloured Laminate & Walnut veneer | Kitchen Doors and Drawers - Orange and White Coloured Laminate & Walnut veneer

Client Comments

I’m so happy with the new kitchen, it’s unrecognisable to what it was, I never thought we’d be able to fit all our things inside it based on how it was so I’m amazed at the transformation. I think our favourite part is the coffee station, we love our morning coffee so it was an essential feature of kitchen but we were concerned about how much work space it would take up as we have so little. In any case Wood & Wire created a bespoke coffee station which floats above the worktop which means we lost non of our surface area. For the colours, we’re fans of modernism so the walnut veneer, orange and white was a no brainer for us to be able to re create a mid century style kitchen in our 70’s home.

The Carneys