Wood & Wire Plywood Furniture

We’re not just about kitchens here at Wood & Wire.  We also design and manufacture highly original bespoke plywood furniture such as cabinets, desks, shelving, wardrobes, dining tables and side tables, and pretty much any other pieces you can think of or ask for.  Most of our work is made using 18 mm birch plywood, and it’s always finished to our famously exacting standards in the workshop at Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, UK.

Our modernist, mid century style continues through all of our plywood furniture and, just like our kitchens, you can have any piece made to your measurements and in your favourite finishes and colours. In keeping with our kitchens again, our handmade furniture is designed and built to last, with the next generation firmly in mind.

We also design soft and squashy things like armchairs and sofas, using beautiful Abraham Moon upholstery fabrics, among others. Although we don’t make these items in our Hebden workshop, we do have them made by a friend of ours in Derbyshire, so it’s still close to home and stays ‘in the family’.

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